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extended pitch roller chain

double-pitch series chain

extended pitch roller chain, produced to ansi b29.3 standards, have figure-8-style link plates. their dimensions are similar to standard series chains with the exception of the pitch, which is twice that of the standard series. the increase in pitch means that only half of the component parts are required per foot of chain, which can significantly lower the cost. typical uses for double-pitch chains include light load drives commonly found in agriculture [link to agriculture application page].

extended pitch roller chain

double-pitch conveyor roller chain

produced to ansi b29.4 standards, our double-pitch conveyor roller chains are used in conveyor applications when loads are low and speeds are moderate. similar to double-pitch power transmission chains, but with link plates that have an oval contour, double-pitch conveyor roller chain can be produced with either standard or over-sized rollers. they are most often found working on conveyors of all shapes and sizes and can be supplied with 1 or more of our many attachments to carry or convey products.

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